The work experience survey is executed by the independent survey bureau Flycatcher.

Privacy at Flycatcher
Research agency Flycatcher handles personal data extremely carefully.

We set high standards when it comes to protecting privacy. We guarantee absolute anonymity and treat information with strict confidentiality. We subscribe to the Integrity Code of the Data & Insights Network (formerly known as MOA) and apply the 10 rules from the Fair Data Privacy Code. Furthermore, all employees are bound to confidentiality. They are aware that all information provided to Flycatcher by a customer must be kept strictly confidential. The same applies to research reports and other publications on the outcome of the survey.

Information and data form the core of our research activities. Therefore, we are certified according to ISO 27001, the quality standard for information security. This quality standard guards the quality of our security systems and is an excellent tool to manage and continually improve our systems. Flycatcher uses "secure server" technology (SSL encryption). As a result, all the data that are sent from and to the server, are encrypted and cannot be intercepted.

Privacy in this dashboard
The information displayed in this dashboard is not traceable to individual employees. Team results are displayed only when there are 6 or more respondents per group.

In this dashboard, it is possible to download results in various formats (pdf, png, excel (csv) and word). These results are for personal use and ideally not for further dissemination (outside the organisation). The information is privacy-sensitive.

Employees can view their own results in a protected environment in the dashboard, using a self-chosen password. These are visible only to the employee and not to anyone else. It is up to an employee whether he or she wants to keep their own results private or download them to discuss with colleagues and/or manager, for example.

Flycatcher trusts employees to handle this correctly and to act accordingly.